Multiplex gene expression profiling of CTC populations

Understanding of gene expression changes and mutations have led to significant advances in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of a wide range of cancers.

Using our patented in-house HyZip technology, ANGLE now offers the ability for you to analyse up to 100 genes on Parsortix enriched CTCs in a highly sensitive, specific and reproducible assay.

The integrated workflow includes:

  • Parsortix enrichment of (epithelial and mesenchymal) CTCs and CTC clusters
  • Direct lysis of cells in a proprietary stabilizing buffer.
  • Ready-to-use women’s health and prostate gene panels (Custom gene panels can be provided with automated probe design and probe set optimization).
  • Quantification of genes from single tube reaction- without sample splitting or pre-amplification
  • Automated processing with sample-to-answer within one day

For more about the performance of HyZip technology, click here:

How the service works:

  • Blood samples are sent to one of our labs in BD K2EDTA tubes
  • …..Alternatively, if you have access to a Parsortix instrument, you enrich the blood sample on-site and then stabilise the sample with our proprietary buffer before sending to the ANGLE lab
  • Samples processed in batches of eight
  • Full report quantifying each gene shared back with customer

To discuss how you might incorporate gene expression profiling of CTCs  into your research studies or clinical trials contact us on or