ANGLE’s state of the art labs in Guildford (UK) provide specialist Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) enrichment and analysis services to support your translational research studies and pharmaceutical trials. Outsource your CTC analysis: we process the samples – you get the data.

Our integrated and standardised workflows provide efficient and reproducible solutions for:

Furthermore, ANGLE scientists have capability to provide custom CTC assays, based on your needs, including:

  • Detection of specific protein markers on CTCs (e.g. ER/PR)
  • FISH (e.g. Her2)
  • Single CTC isolation for RNA analysis or WGA followed by DNA sequencing

So why work with ANGLE?

  • ANGLE scientists have enormous experience in enriching blood samples for CTCs followed by their analysis, including within multiple clinical studies.
  • If needed, ANGLE is able to access a range of patient blood samples according to your needs
  • If you also have an interest in ctDNA – that’s great. We can obtain ctDNA and CTCs from the same blood sample. If you are already doing ctDNA analysis – contact ANGLE and don’t waste the circulating tumor cells!
  • Our service-based approach means you avoid the cost of capital equipment and trained operators. You will simply receive the results based on the agreed analysis.

To discuss how we can support your research or study or trial with specialist CTC enrichment and analysis services, please contact us on EUsales@angleplc.com or NAsales@angleplc.com