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4 July 2017 – ANGLE hails results from landmark ovarian cancer study which underlines potential of its liquid biopIts Parsortix system was able to detect cancer in 95% of the cases, achieving a lower false positive rate than existing method of detection.

4 July 2017 – ANGLE PLC boss ‘absolutely delighted’ with results from pelvic mass study

15 June 2017 – ANGLE liquid biopsy crucial to prostate cancer breakthroughThe Parsortix system, which is used to harvest circulating tumour cells from the blood stream associated with cancer, helped researchers from the Queen Mary University of London’s Barts Cancer Institute find two rare cells.

5 June 2017 – ANGLE liquid biopsy yields predictive results in colorectal cancerThe results of a study are to be presented to the prestigious American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago

3 May 2017 – ANGLE making “good progress” with studies well underway and commercial traction being feltParsortix is the centre-piece in two clinical studies in ovarian cancer…

4 April 2017 – ‘Customer data validates strategy’ for cancer diagnostic, says ANGLE PLC boss Andrew NewlandAndrew Newland, founder of ANGLE PLC (LON:AGL, OTCQX:ANPCY) runs Proactive through resea…

3 April 2017 – ANGLE: Latest data burnishes credential of breakthrough cancer diagnosticParsortix was better than the existing technology in harvesting head and neck cancer cells…

30 March 2017 – ANGLE device offers breakthrough in detecting and predicting spread of prostate cancerThe new results were presented at the World CDx Europe conference in London

13 February 2017 – ANGLE’s blood screening tech developing into key ally for battle against cancerIdentifying cancer cells early is a key part of combatting the disease, and ANGLE’s Parsor…

13 February 2017 – ANGLE part of consortium that will set set standard for indentifying cancerCANCER-ID is backed by €14mln of funding and involves 38 companies and institutions from 13 countries across Europe.

26 January 2017 – ANGLE – early results from ovarian cancer study encourage; making signficant headway elsewhereParsortix is being used in two separate trials – one in Europe, the other in the US.

4 November 2016 – ANGLE device offers breakthrough in prostate cancer careThe team at the Bart’s Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University will present their full findings at the National Cancer Research Institute next week.

30 September 2016 – ANGLE’s parsortix gets favourable peer review for use in therapy selection“The incorporation of Parsortix in protocols for therapy selection has the potential to meet a key need in personalised medicine.

2 August 2016 – ANGLE’s Parsortix to be in focus at AACC annual meeting Parsortix will be in focus of experts later today at the AACC meeting.

28 July 2016 – ANGLE’s new blood screening tech to revolutionise cancer diagnosisANGLE’s Parsortix blood screening system could replace the traditional biopsy in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Proactive takes a look at how it works and the potential it holds to change the way cancer is diagnosed.

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