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Before you start, check…

  • Blood drawn into EDTA vacutainer, less than 48 hours old, stored at 4°C.
  • Blood allowed to equilibrate to room temp on a roller mixer for 20mins.
  • Harvest waste tube is empty and the line sits less than 8cm inside the tube.
  • Ensure lines in cleaning and priming tubes reach the bottom of the tubes.
  • The harvesting valve is turned clockwise in the ‘SEP’ position.
  • Reagents to be filled before cleaning protocol; volumes to be no lower than….
    • 100 ml PBS in buffer reservoir
    • 20 ml LabKlenz 110 (10%) in cleaning solution tube (label C)
    • 20 ml ethanol (100%) in priming solution tube (label P)

50 ml Bleach in waste reservoir (note: empty waste when it reaches 400 ml and replace Bleach)

System components

  1. Display and control  panel
  2. Waste reservoir
  3. Buffer reservoir
  4. Sample vacutainer
  5. Cassette clamp
  6. Harvesting valve
  7. Reagent lines and tubes: