ANGLE’s Parsortix system has the potential to deliver profound improvements in clinical and health economic outcomes in the treatment and diagnosis of various forms of cancer.”
Andrew Newland
Chief Executive

How it Works

  • A liquid biopsy (blood sample) is taken from the patient – typically 10ml in an EDTA vacutainer tube


  • The sample is attached to the Parsortix instrument. No pre-processing is required.


  • A Parsortix filtration cassette is inserted into the instrument and the system is primed for use.

  • The Parsortix instrument automatically passes the blood through the filtration cassette.


  • CTCs are caught in the Parsortix cassette due to their larger size and lower compressibility than other blood components.
  • Once caught in the cassette….
    • CTCs can be automatically stained inside the cassette with selected antibodies. This enables their identification and characterisation. CTCs can be enumerated by placing the filtration cassette under a fluorescent microscope.


    • Alternatively, cells can be eluted from the cassette and recovered in 200ul of buffer solution. Cells can now be analysed in a range of ways including qPCR, FISH, IHC and can even be cultured.


  • Information obtained from this liquid biopsy has the potential to be used to inform clinicians about the patient’s condition and most appropriate treatment. Note: The Parsortix system is for research use only (RUO) and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.