ANGLE’s Parsortix system has the potential to deliver profound improvements in clinical and health economic outcomes in the treatment and diagnosis of various forms of cancer.”
Andrew Newland
Chief Executive

How it Works

  • A liquid biopsy (blood sample) is taken from the patient
  • A disposable microscope slide sized cassette captures and harvests CTCs from the sample, based on the cells size and compressibility
  • A step-based reverse flow system allows the easy harvest of viable cells for analysis
  • Once captured and analysed, cells have the potential to be used to inform clinicians about the patient’s condition and most appropriate treatment protocol.

Competitive Advantages

  • Epitope-independent approach that does not depend on the use of antibodies
  • Very sensitive and specific
  • Captures clinically relevant cancer cells, including mesenchymal CTCs, which are involved in metastasis
  • Allows easy harvest of CTCs, providing a concentrated sample of viable cells for analysis
  • Low cost, small environmental footprint and is very easy to use
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