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Liquid biopsy can help accelerate the drug development process

Around 70% of the industry-wide oncology drug development pipeline is for targeted therapies and immuno-therapy agents. Liquid biopsy is already having an impact in accelerating clinical development programmes through patient screening for clinical trial enrolment, monitoring response to therapies and companion diagnostic development.


Liquid biopsy includes CTCs as well as ctDNA

Too often, valuable patient blood samples are only being analysed for ctDNA – and the cellular component (CTCs) is not analysed. CTCs provide a unique window on disease status – with the ability to provide real-time evidence of gene and protein expression, DNA-methylation and mutation profiles. Data suggests that the use of these complementary approaches may provide the most complete assessment of a patient’s cancer.


ANGLE’s Parsortix® system has changed how we think about CTCs

The vast majority of clinical research into CTCs has been quite one dimensional – and only assessed the number of CTCs present in patients at particular timepoints. This was due to limitations in technology at the time. ANGLE’s Parsortix system however enables significant enrichment of CTCs directly from patient blood, followed by a wide range of downstream analyses including protein, DNA and RNA analyses – dramatically increasing their value as clinical biomarkers.


ANGLE can provide the full liquid biopsy service for your drug development programme

From our labs in Guildford (UK) and Toronto (Canada), ANGLE has the capability to:

  • Develop specific CTC assays according to your requirements
  • Perform CTC assays during your trials (or alternatively transfer assays to your chosen CRO)
  • Provide ctDNA according to your needs.