Senior Group Leader - Product and Technology Development

Stefan Peter

Appointed: 2014

Stefan Peter leads the Product and Technology team. He joined ANGLE in 2014 and is responsible for the device development with doctoral and post-doctoral experience in biology and engineering. Dr Peter holds a PhD from Sheffield University and a diploma degree in biotechnology.

Dr Stefan Peter gained a diploma degree in biotechnology (Dipl. Ing. Biotechnology) from the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan (Freising, Germany), followed by a PhD in cell biology and proteomics from Sheffield University (UK) where he developed expertise in cell biology and proteomics. During his PhD he investigated large scale expansion of mesenchymal stem cells for subsequent proteomic characterization. He developed a method to expand primary mesenchymal stem cells in suspension rather than on a substrate and gained insight into proteomic changes in these cell cultures.

His post-doctoral research (also at Sheffield University) focused on epigenetic changes in bladder cancer. Using a commercially available microarray technology, he investigated the expression of microRNAs and long-non-coding RNAs in different stages of bladder cancer and identified a panel of potential new biomarkers, whose biological function was investigated in cancer cells lines via different genetic knock-down assays. He subsequently joined ANGLE in 2014 as Senior Scientist and helped to set up a biological laboratory to drive the development of the Parsortix® technology.

As Senior Group Leader for Product and Technology Development, Stefan is now leading a team at ANGLE that drives the research and development of the Parsortix® cell separation technology with a focus on device development, including both the Parsortix® instrument and the Parsortix® separation cassette. With expertise in biology and engineering he interlinks device development and biological assay development to ensure successful delivery of projects within ANGLE’s New Product Development (NPD) process.


Dr Peter holds a PhD in cell biology and proteomics from Sheffield University and a diploma degree in biotechnology.

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