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Enumeration of epithelial and mesenchymal CTC populations

ANGLE has a standardised and fully integrated workflow for the enumeration and evaluation of epithelial and mesenchymal CTCs and CTC clusters. The workflow integrates:

  • ANGLE’s Parsortix system for CTC capture (capturing both epithelial and mesenchymal phenotypes), together with;
  • an optimised and customizable panel of antibodies for identification of the full range of CTCs (and exclusion of WBC), and;
  • Bioview imaging solutions for the evaluation and enumeration of CTCs

How the service works

Scientist holding blood sample

10ml EDTA blood sample

Send your patient blood samples to one of our labs in BD K₂EDTA vacutainers.

Blood processing

Sample processing

Samples will be processed by ANGLE within 24 hours.


Image capture

Images of captured and characterised CTCs shared via secure cloud.

Man in science lab

Data report

Report for each sample processed is shared back with you.

ANGLE is able to include specific protein markers according to your needs.

The performance of Parsortix technology has been demonstrated in multiple third party and peer reviewed publications. ANGLE would be pleased to share exemplary data obtained from our integrated enumeration workflow.

Example images from patient blood samples

Cluster of CK + CTCs (green) from breast cancer patient (20x)

Cluster of CK+ (green) and mesenchymal (red) CTCs from breast cancer patient (20x)

CK + CTC from breast cancer patient (40x)

Cluster of mesenchymal CTCs (red) from breast cancer patient (20x)

Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures

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