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Capture and harvest circulating tumour cells from metastatic breast cancer patients with the FDA cleared Parsortix PC1 system

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Your experts in circulating tumour cell harvesting & liquid biopsy analysis

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Interim Results for the six months ended 30 June 2023 


Capture and harvest live, intact circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and CTC clusters from whole blood for downstream analysis

ANGLE’s Parsortix technology is a unique CTC harvesting method using patented microfluidics in the form of a single use cassette, housed within an automated system.

Bring the power of Parsortix technology into your clinical laboratory with the Parsortix PC1 system.

  • FDA cleared
  • Compact, automated and easy to use

Let our laboratory services experts take care of your research and clinical study samples.

  • Includes CTC harvest with Parsortix technology and subsequent downstream analysis
  • Global service, with custom development options available

Parsortix®PC1 system

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Laboratory services for biopharmaceutical and translational research

Our GCP-compliant laboratory provides a complete CTC harvesting and analysis service.

Our expert team will work with you to support your project using cutting-edge technology, eliminating the burden of capital equipment and operator training.

Available globally.

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