Investor relations

Significant shareholders

The following shareholders amount to 3% or more of the ordinary share capital of the company.

Shares in issue: 260,580,547 £0.10 Ordinary Shares

Significant Shareholders (>3%) Date Amount Holding
Conifer Management LLC 04/12/2023 19,979,790 7.67%
Global Frontier Partners, LP 09/01/2024 16,868,946 6.47%
Dermot Keane 04/12/2023 12,777,088 4.90%

The shareholder positions shown above are accurate according to the formal independent Section 793 analysis undertaken on behalf of the Company by Argus Vickers as at 17 August 2023 modified for any known changes in shareholdings including from analysis of the Company’s Link Asset Share Portal, notified TR-1 forms and known issues of shares as at the date stated for each shareholder.

These shareholdings may differ from those shown on external electronic platforms, which are based solely on shareholder TR-1 disclosures, because (i) fund managers may hold shares in multiple separate funds where part holdings are considered below disclosure requirement levels (ii) fund managers may not hold all of the voting rights of the shares (iii) some fund managers have exemption status under EU rules not to disclose TR-1 holdings under 5% (rather than 3%) and (iv) external electronic platforms may not be up-to-date with new shareholder positions.