Capture and harvest circulating tumour cells from blood

Simple. Easy. Flexible. Customisable.

The Parsortix®PR1 system gives translational researchers the power to capture and harvest circulating tumour and other cells of interest from 100 μL to 40 mL blood samples, providing greater flexibility in downstream analysis.

The Parsortix PR1 system addresses the need for:

Highly enriched cell populations
Epitope independence, agnostic to cell phenotype
Research flexibility
Viable cells
CTC clusters
Simple, easy process

Patented step separation technology

Microfluidic technology captures cells, based on size and deformability, as whole blood flows through “steps” within the disposable, plastic Parsortix cassette

Patented step separation technology

Health conditions investigated


The Parsortix PR1 system captures cancer cells from blood, as well as foetal cells from maternal blood. Peer reviewed publications evidence the efficacy of the system with a wide range of cancer types including:

Research flexibility
Simple, easy process

"Unprecedented sensitivity and specificity."

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Flexible downstream molecular analysis


Choose from in-vitro staining or harvesting cells for:


A semi-automated, walkaway system, the Parsortix PR1 system requires no sample pre-processing; just prime the cassette, insert a blood sample tube and press start.

Examine cells under a microscope in the cassette, or reverse the flow to harvest cells from the cassette to a test tube for further analysis.

    For Research Use Only. Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures.