Investor relations

Communicate governance and performance with shareholders (QCA Principle 10)

The Board communicates regularly with shareholders providing updates on Group performance to shareholders via interim and annual financial reports, trading updates, investor presentations and a regular news flow of significant developments for the Group (see Principle 2). The website includes historical financial statements and governance related material.

The members and role of the Remuneration Committee are described in QCA Principle 9. The Remuneration Report within the Group’s Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022 describes the Remuneration Policy for the Group as well as detailing the Directors’ remuneration for the year. Discussions are held with significant shareholders ahead of any significant changes in Remuneration Policy and Shareholders are able to make an advisory vote annually on the Directors’ Remuneration Report and every three years on the Remuneration Policy.

The Annual General Meeting presents an opportunity for shareholders to vote on the various resolutions proposed (see General Meetings Documentation).

All resolutions were passed at the 28 June 2023 AGM in relation to the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2022 (see voting results).