Independent Cancer Drug Discover & Development Advisor

Dr. Clive Stanway

Dr. Clive Stanway is currently an independent drug discovery and development advisor to several companies including acting as a non-executive director for CytoSeek Ltd and Atelerix Ltd.

Amongst others, he advises Cumulus Oncology Ltd and Arais Biotech AG. Also, he serves as a non-executive director of Babraham Research Campus Ltd. Dr. Stanway was until 2018 Chief Scientific Officer of Cancer Research UK’s Commercial Partnerships which is responsible for the development and commercialisation of research innovations. Dr. Stanway is an expert in cancer drug discovery and a key part of his former role was working closely with major pharmaceutical partners. Dr. Stanway has extensive knowledge and experience of cancer research, detailed understanding of the drug discovery and development process, and worldwide contacts with major pharma development groups.

Dr. Stanway was engaged in raising the scientific profile of Commercial Partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry; his efforts have led to several significant partnerships and alliances. Dr. Stanway has also driven internal Commercial Partnerships projects addressing cancer immunomodulation bringing together different technologies and expertise leading to a compound progressing towards a Phase 1 trial. During this time, the annual research spend of Cancer Research UK was in the region of £375 million and Commercial Partnerships had annual revenues of approximately £50 million. Prior to becoming Chief Scientific Officer of Commercial Partnerships, Dr. Stanway established and led a drug discovery and biotherapeutic discovery unit within Cancer Research UK, which has been partnered with AstraZeneca, FORMA Therapeutics, BMS, Artios, Ono Pharmaceutical and Merck KgaA.

Dr. Clive Stanway - Independent Cancer Drug Discover & Development Advisor

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