Investor relations

Ensure Directors have necessary, up-to-date skills (QCA Principle 6)

Individual Directors possess a wide variety of skills and experience. Detailed biographical information on the individual Directors are set out on pages 44 and 45 of the Group’s Annual Report and Financial Statements 2023.

The key skills they bring to the Board are:

  • Jan Groen, Chairman – expertise in new product development, including development and successful commercialisation of CE marked and FDA cleared diagnostic products and laboratory developed tests in Europe and the USA.
  • Andrew Newland, Chief Executive – over 30 years’ experience in setting up, leading and building technology-based businesses, over 20 years leading specialist MedTech businesses, and 14 years in the liquid biopsy space.
  • Ian Griffiths, Chief Financial Officer– over 30 years’ experience in finance and technology-based businesses, and 14 years in the liquid biopsy space.
  • Brian Howlett, Non-executive Director – extensive commercial operations experience of the MedTech sector.
  • Juliet Thompson, Non-executive Director – over 20 years in advising listed healthcare companies in UK and Europe as an investment banker.
  • Joseph Eid, Non-executive Director - valuable knowledge and experience in oncology drug development and the use of biomarkers in the clinical trials process and as companion diagnostics.

The Non-executive Directors also serve on other boards in the medical diagnostics sector which gives a broad range of skills, capabilities and experience. All Directors are able to take training and/or independent professional advice in the furtherance of their duties if necessary. Directors keep their skill set up to date through attending industry events, seminars and research. The Executive Directors will typically undertake specific training during the year. All Directors also have access to the Company’s Nominated Advisor, legal advisors, financial advisors and other independent professional advisors as required. Professional advisors provide briefings and update notes on necessary legislation from time to time.

No individual Director or Committee of the Board received any external advice in relation to their Board duties in the year.

There is an induction process for new Directors including briefing by the Nominated Advisor and the Company.